This site hosts some interesting open source projects maintained by Bytemark Hosting).

The source code to all available projects is available in one location:

We are a UK-based Linux hosting provider and we've released some of our code under permissive licenses where it shows us in a good light!

The projects are provided as-is without any warranty or support, but we are interested in bug reports and participation from users.

All projects are © 2003-2015 Bytemark Hosting.

Latest projects

  • bytemark-keys (2015-03-03 09:37)

    This is a Debian package which contains the repository-signing keys we use for our various apt-repositories.

  • byteback (2014-04-24 12:45)

    A maintenance-free Linux backup solution.

  • netlinkrb (2013-07-03 10:29)

    Ruby native interface to the Netlink API which avoids shelling out to command-line tools as much as possible.

  • pairvm (2012-12-04 15:41)

    Resilient hosting of KVM virtual machines using Linux DRBD.

  • custodian (2012-11-20 13:15)

    A distributed monitoring system, used for testing Bytemark servers and services.

    You can find complete documentation upon the wiki