Feature #4921

Easier method of specifying email aliases

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While the current mechanism for specifying email aliases is very flexible, I managed to mess things up while creating some aliases by mistyping the local address in the aliases file.

Other hosting platforms allow you to define aliases for a mailbox, I was wondering if this might be a good addition to symbiosis.

I'd suggest adding an 'aliases' file in the Mailbox directory (where the password file is currently) that just contains a list of aliases for that mailbox.



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I think this will be difficult to implement without a cron-job, so at the moment.

Exim would have to check every mailbox on a system to see if any aliases were defined for that mailbox, for each message that has been delivered.

Or there'd be a cron that would build up an aliases list from these settings that exim could use.

Or I guess exim4 could call a command each time to do this lookup..

As such, I'm not going to put this in jessie but maybe we'll consider this at a later date.

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