Bug #6496

symbiosis-dns-generate uploads wrong data

Added by John Hackett over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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If we have DNS files like so:

/srv/a.com/config/dns/a.com.txt (with some random DNS entries in it)

/srv/x.com/config/dns/a.com.txt (with different a.com.txt DNS entries in it)

symbiosis-dns-generate will copy the a.com.txt file from a.com, and then overwrite it with the entry from x.com . At a guess, this happens in alphabetical order and would be fine if things were reversed.

Could be a WONTFIX that relies on users being sensible, or we could eg, give precedence to a.com.txt from /srv/a.com over the version in /srv/x.com .

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#1 Updated by Patrick Cherry over 5 years ago

Yes, there is no checks in symbiosis-dns to make sure
that /srv/domain.com can only have records for domain.com.

Ideally, each domain's records would be joined together, and there would
be some magic to decide what records each domain can set, before
uploading, rather than just blindly copying and overwriting files.

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#2 Updated by Patrick Cherry about 5 years ago

  • Target version set to jessie

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  • Target version changed from jessie to stretch

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