The Custodian Monitor

The custodian monitoring system allows a wide range of services to be remotely tested across a network.

The system uses a central work-queue, which allows the testing to be carried out by a agents running upon an arbitrary number of hosts.

Features include:

Custodian might be for you if:

  • You wish to perform a large number of service tests on an ongoing basis.
  • You wish to perform testing of services from multiple locations.
  • You're familiar with Ruby.
  • You value reliability in testing more than pretty charts & graphs.


Custodian consists of two distinct components working in unison:

To setup a distributed system you merely need to run custodian-dequeue upon more than one host - though there is certainly nothing stopping you running tests in parallel by running multiple processes upon a single host.

There is a third tool, custodian-queue, provided which allows queue manipulation.

Quick Start

We've put together a Quickstart Guide which shows how to get up and running in the minimum amount of time.


More documentation is available from the documentation index.


Contributions are welcome whether they be code changes, suggestions, or bug reports