From 2015-04-14 to 2015-04-14


22:56 Feature #7923 (Resolved): Exim make should reload exim
Applied in changeset symbiosis|commit:89a812c63409. Patrick Cherry
22:54 Bug #6581 (Rejected): Symlinked domains fail immediately after reboot
I've never been able to reproduce this. Patrick Cherry
22:51 Revision 3c0ef971 (symbiosis): email: Make now restarts daemon as appropriate.
fixes #7923 Patrick Cherry
22:47 Revision bbed9756 (symbiosis): email: Remove bash from maintainer scripts (fingers crossed)
Patrick Cherry
22:44 Revision 5c6f1e0c (symbiosis): email: Exim now uses domains's IPs to route smtp connections.
Closes #9588 Patrick Cherry
22:10 Feature #6471 (Resolved): Symlinked crontabs are ignored
Applied in changeset symbiosis|commit:732c9b47c77e. Patrick Cherry
22:09 Revision 700ec69e (symbiosis): cron: Changed lstat to stat when testing for crontab files.
Probably fixes #6471 Patrick Cherry
22:04 Bug #6476 (Resolved): Symbiosis should deleted configurations it creates
This is fixed now for symbiosis=httpd-configure. Patrick Cherry
22:02 Bug #9713 (Resolved): Passive FTP connections fail when TLS is used
Applied in changeset symbiosis|commit:7c07515a3358. Patrick Cherry
22:01 Bug #10493 (Resolved): ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /usr/lib/cgi-bin overrides VirtualScriptAlias in zz-m...
Removed serve-cgi-bin.conf in r2373 Patrick Cherry
22:00 Bug #9493 (Resolved): symbiosis-email-check-password broken under ruby2.1 / jessie
Fixed now that we have a dict password daemon instead of checkpassword Patrick Cherry
21:58 Revision 494b6566 (symbiosis): ftpd/firewall: Added high numbered port range for passive FTP + TLS
Closes #9713 Patrick Cherry
12:13 Revision 7602e360 (symbiosis): httpd: Removed mangling code. Make sure prerm has the inverse of ...
Patrick Cherry
11:37 Revision 565548ca (symbiosis): httpd: Updated apache2/php configs to avoid use of "dpkg-divert"
Patrick Cherry
11:09 Revision 71748827 (symbiosis): mysql: Removed config mangling section from prerm
Patrick Cherry
11:09 Revision 6ebb2bbe (symbiosis): mysql: Added missing preinst
Patrick Cherry
09:54 Revision a5b693a5 (symbiosis): mysql: Tidied mysql config.
Patrick Cherry
09:43 Revision 6f673a1e (symbiosis): httpd: More unmangling in the preinst
Patrick Cherry
08:13 Revision 4104582d (symbiosis): httpd: Fixed shell mistake in preinst
Patrick Cherry

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