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12768BugResolvedNormalsymbiosis-httpd-configure doesn't re-create missing links if configuration is unchanged2016-05-16 12:19
12513BugResolvedNormalNo docs for Jessie version2016-05-16 12:19
12498BugResolvedNormalsymbiosis-ssl should have a list sets command, and a change to set command2016-05-16 18:07
12473BugResolvedNormalBad SSL configuration line for prosody for domains with no certificates.2016-02-03 13:41
12423BugResolvedHighSNI SSL template also generates virtualhost on port 80, causing zz-mass-hosting to be ignored and another site to be loaded as default2016-01-15 10:29
12353BugRejectedNormalProblem logging into to mailboxes in /srv2015-10-29 16:10
12343BugResolvedNormalHSTS headers don't get set2015-10-21 17:05
12338BugResolvedNormalOCSP gets stuck on, breaking HTTPS websites2015-10-21 17:05
12248BugResolvedNormalpure-authd monit script is now redundant as it runs under systemd2015-09-11 17:24
12243BugResolvedNormalclamav monit scripts are redundant2015-09-11 17:26
12238BugResolvedNormalspamassassin monit script looks for the wrong pidfile and process name2015-09-11 17:21
12233BugResolvedNormalOCSP stapling is broken by www-data firewall rule2015-09-11 17:21
12228BugResolvedNormalFirewall script tries to empty the "nat" table for ip6tables, which doesn't exist until kernel 3.72015-09-11 17:25
12223BugResolvedNormalApache2.4 returns Forbidden over http for domains with SSL enabled, but arent't ssl-only2015-09-11 17:20
12218BugResolvedNormalmysql innodb file per table set incorrectly2015-09-11 17:18
12213BugResolvedNormalExim can't forward emails due to misconfigured interface stanza2015-09-11 17:17
12188BugResolvedNormalSymbiosis email causes apache to be installed (by and by)2015-10-13 10:27
12143FeatureResolvedNormalself-signed SSL creator2016-02-05 14:29
12123BugResolvedNormalsymbiosis-ftpd: use systemd for pure-authd2015-08-07 10:55
11548BugResolvedNormalUpgrades from symbiosis-wheezy break email2015-07-07 10:31
11043FeatureResolvedLowMeta: Review additional options presented by Jessie packages2015-10-13 14:57
10583FeatureResolvedNormalCertificate replacement feature2016-02-05 14:30
10488BugResolvedNormalHUP to symbiosis-apache-logger causes a thread error2015-04-10 07:51
10478FeatureResolvedNormal++We need to package roundcube for the jessie release of symbiosis.2015-08-07 09:08
10398BugResolvedNormalReplace symbiosis-key with bytemark-key2015-04-08 16:21
10393BugResolvedNormalReplace symbiosis-updater with unattended-upgrades2015-04-08 16:38
9748BugResolvedNormalEmpty zone files are uploaded to upload.ns2015-08-25 17:30
9713BugResolvedNormalPassive FTP connections fail when TLS is used2015-04-14 22:02
9528BugResolvedNormalclamd/exim mismatch in jessie2015-07-31 08:47
9503FeatureResolvedNormalStop supporting RC4 in TLS (SSL)2015-07-29 22:27
9493BugResolvedNormalsymbiosis-email-check-password broken under ruby2.1 / jessie2015-04-14 22:00
9243BugResolvedNormal--symbiosis-http - Various lintian issues for Jessie release of Debian.2015-07-30 15:48
9238BugResolvedNormal--symbiosis-webmail - Various lintian issues for Jessie release of Debian.2015-07-30 15:47
9233BugResolvedNormal--symbiosis-ftpd-check-password - Missing manpage.2015-07-30 10:22
8298FeatureResolvedNormal--Serve HSTS Strict-Transport-Security header on ssl-only domains2015-04-15 07:17
8233FeatureResolvedNormalConsider supporting DMARC2015-04-15 18:20
8218FeatureRejectedNormalEncrypted email passwords by default2015-08-04 14:18
8203FeatureClosedNormalAvoid the use of bash where possible.2015-07-31 08:50
7923FeatureResolvedNormalExim make should reload exim2015-04-14 22:56
7898FeatureResolvedNormalSupport Let's Encrypt SSL certs2016-02-05 14:31
7808FeatureResolvedNormald-push / z-push support2015-10-13 14:56
6776FeatureResolvedLowCustom TTL for symbiosis-dns2015-04-15 10:43
6621FeatureResolvedNormalWebalizer clean up2015-08-07 09:13
6581BugRejectedNormalSymlinked domains fail immediately after reboot2015-04-14 22:54
6476BugResolvedNormalSymbiosis should deleted configurations it creates2015-04-14 22:04
6471FeatureResolvedNormalSymlinked crontabs are ignored2015-04-14 22:10
6111FeatureResolvedNormalConfigure Exim rate limits2015-08-07 09:16
4741FeatureResolvedNormalEmail passwords should be hashed by default2015-09-07 09:55
4721FeatureResolvedNormalNo monitoring of resource usage2015-09-09 11:23
4646BugResolvedNormalBackups can fill the hard disk without warning2015-08-07 09:12

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