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16:26 Symbiosis Bug #8803: DKIM documentation correction
Another report of this here:


10:45 Symbiosis Feature #7923 (Resolved): Exim make should reload exim
The default target in /etc/exim4/Makefile should reload exim4 as it's final step, a second config target could rebuil...


10:50 Symbiosis Bug #6506 (Resolved): Sudo path causes issues
The sudoer's path is the same as the user's path, as shown below.
admin@york:~$ echo $PATH
10:22 Symbiosis Feature #4741: Email passwords should be hashed by default
Agreed, but hashed passwords should be the default, with plaintext as an option.
This also applies to the ftp-pass...


11:26 Symbiosis Feature #6471 (Resolved): Symlinked crontabs are ignored
If a site crontab is a symlink, then symbiosis-all-crontabs will ignore it as it is "not a file".
This should be f...


12:45 bigv-client Bug #5976: Client in Ubuntu 14.04 dependency issues
From Ticket #573502
12:45 bigv-client Bug #5976 (Resolved): Client in Ubuntu 14.04 dependency issues
I'm running the pre-release of Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop, and when
apt-get wanted to upgrade to libruby...


13:56 bigv-client Bug #5071 (Closed): Wrong VM restarted when VM restart issued.
bigv> vm restart percona5
Please press your V-Key's ...


10:32 bigv-client Bug #4851 (Closed): bigv bug is broken
The bigv bug command does not work because it is POSTing to the wrong location.
(10:27:15) Nick: bigv bug -l http:...


14:10 bigv-client Feature #4701 (New): Machine status in vm show
It would be really nice if the vm show command had a line like
status: up
For a bonus, it could say `up ...

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